[lemon adds vinegar to be able to reduce weight] – of action of _ of _ effect reducing weight reducing weight

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People falls to can make derive from body weight of oneself now, achieving the goal that reduce weight is elaborative, for the most part the method that can go using lemon to add vinegar reduces weight, think to the effect that reduces weight to can have if such doing, it is only among lemon actuallySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Adipose content is smaller, the body that won’t give oneself brings very big quantity of heat, but did not compare good action reducing weight however, still should adopt other method.

Does lemon add vinegar to be able to reduce weight

1. promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid solution heat is appetizing

Do not see the flavour sick at heart that lemon eats, small pain, cannot eat delicacy raw to feed like other fruit, peel of Dan Ning Meng contains a lot ofscent to volatilize composition, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid solution heat, appetizing wake lienal. Summertime hot weather is wet heavier, mind of a lot of people is tired force, after work for long or learning often appetite not beautiful, drink water of a cup of citric bubble, the flavour of bright of pure and fresh acid lets person mind one brace up, can open appetite more.

Multi-purpose in Western-style food lemon makes seafood flavor, peculiar smell of eliminate fishy smell, southeast Asia dish comes with it direct boil is boiled, with dash forward show its acid to feed flavour sweetly. Our country southForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The roast duck that the person loves to eat, in burning goose, little also not citric this one dressing.

2. prevents cardiovascular disease

Lemon contains a lot ofvitamin C and vitamin P, can enhance hemal flexibility and tenacity, can prevent and treat hypertension and miocardial infarction symptom. In recent years abroad considers to return discovery, blueness contains the part of a kind of approximate insulin in lemon, can make unusual blood sugar value is reduced.

Does lemon add vinegar to be able to reduce weight

3. clear thermalization is phlegmy

Citric also can Xiao is phlegmy. The Xiao phlegmy effect of citric skin is more powerful than orange. Summertime weather damp and hot, if do not try to notice on food, of human body inside wet with natural climate outside wet mutual induction, with the passing of time of wet chaotic smolder can be born phlegmy. Accordingly, the summer is phlegmy much, when pharynx and larynx is unwell, add lemon juice Wen Shui and a few salt, what can build up throat is thick phlegmy successful and expectorate.

4. fights bacterium diminish inflammationShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Lemon contains a lot ofvitamin C, develop to human bodyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Action is just as natural antibiotic, have the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, enhance a variety of effect such as force of human body immunity, Shanghai noble baby

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Can drink hot lemonade to maintain more at ordinary times the body.

Does lemon add vinegar to be able to reduce weight

5. hairdressing fruit

A variety of nutrition part such as C of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin are contained in lemon, still contain rich organic acid, citric acid, lemon is height basic provision, have very strong fight oxidation, to promoting1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The metabolism of skin, defer consenescence to reach restrain pigment ad cool-headed etc very effective.

6. stops spit if really

Write of traditional Chinese medical science of two vast areas ” language of another name for Guangdong Province ” account: “Citric, appropriate mother child, taste is extremely sour, of be addicted to of empty of pregnant woman liver, friend says appropriate mother. When ripe when, family contest is bought, with much Tibet classics year old long for still, juice can take the place of vinegar. ” that is to say, conceive pregnant woman to be able to place a few lemon to be in bedside, rise in the morning smell one smell, have the effect that removes morning to spit.

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