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Article introduction

A few red jujubes can be added when congee is being done inside very much now home, because red jujube is added inside congee, although be the suffering that can feel to have little, but have very high officinal value however, can enrich the blood for instance filling gas, return cent of can compensatory candy, the gas blood that can promote the body is absorbed, connect a lot of dot to also can eat red jujube congee, a nuclear take out needs when doing red jujube congee to dot nevertheless, avoid to be able to block darling.

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Can darling of red jujube congee eat

Cookbook raw material

Pignut 20, red jujube 5, rice 30 grams, white sugar right amount

The method that make

① general pignut is abluent flay, when adding clear water to boil to 6 maturity into boiler, rejoin jujube continues to boil sodden. the red jujube flay that thoroughly cook nuclear hind and pignut grind mud to reserve together.

② puts rice pan into boiler completely, add clear water to boil gruel.

After ③ congee is ripe, interfuse Gong Zaohua gives birth to mud, add white sugar right amount, agitate can give boiler equably.

Applicable crowd

1-3 year old darling.

Can darling of red jujube congee eat

Healthy clew

Earthnut is the food of a kind of tall nutrition, protein is contained inside 25% ~ 36% , adipose content can be amounted to 40% , rich vitamin B2, PP, A, D, E still is contained in earthnut, calcium and iron. EarthnutFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Outside, still can fry, scamper, boil feed, make earthnut crisp, and all sorts of candy, cake.

Because earthnut carbonadoes there are hydrogen of ammonia, vulcanization and aldehyde of aldehyde of carbon dioxide, herb, a few others in burning a process kind volatilize come out, form earthnut nutlet specialForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Aroma. The endodermis of earthnut is contained fight fibrin to dissolve enzymatic, can prevent and cure all sorts of traumatic haemorrhage, liver disease haemorrhage, hemophiliac etc.

Can darling of red jujube congee eat

But pignut is very easy be affected with damp be affected with damp changes mildew, generation sends cancerous sex toxin of very strong yellow aspergillus bacterium. Toxin of yellow aspergillus bacterium can cause cirrhosis of toxic sex hepatitis, liver, liver cancer. This kind of toxin is high temperature resistant, decoct, fry, boil, the cook method such as scamper cannot decompose it. Must notice to cannot eat mildewy pignut so.

The person with listless and frail, diarrhoea, faint taste, daily eat red jujube 7, or as common as dangshen, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, gas of the beneficial in can filling, be good at taste, achieve increase appetite, stop the effect; red jujube of have diarrhoea and ginger, the tuber of pinellia is used together, the gastritis that medicable food causes carelessly bilges like the stomach, the symptom such as vomiting. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Red jujube is tasted for beautiful of take a tonic to build up health, middling of dietotherapy medicinal food joins blood of body of red jujube take a tonic to build up health, moist gas. Dr. Sun Andi advocates stage big immunology to eat red jujube, yellow over sixty years of age, medlar more at ordinary times energetically, can promote the vigour of the body, enhance immune power. Use together with red jujube and licorice, wheat , can rise to raise blood to calm the nerves, the effect of easy liver Jie Yu.

Gong Zaochang is used in the prescription with Wu Yao acuteness sex, in order to reduce the side effect of strong medicine, protect healthy atmosphere. Be like: ” 10 jujubes soup ” in, alleviate with big jujube the noxiousness of the cathartic such as flower of Gan Sui, the root of Beijing euphorbia, overgrown with weeds, protective taste does not suffer harm. Red jujube is the emperor that filling gas raises blood is tasted, at the same time cheap and fine, the people need not H buys the cordial with costly in the bookshops, be apt to can achieve the effect of health care of preserve one’s health with red jujube.

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