Is traffic bank rolled out ” mobile phone credit card ” what is mobile phone credit card? Safe

[what is traffic bank rolls out credit card of mobile phone of mobile phone credit card? Safe] the way of life that science and technology changes people increasingly to the heavy model of financial industry, mobile phone credit card appeared first inside banking a few days ago. Be issued by the pressure with Internet finance feudal nibble increasingly in traditional banking, this probably the times do not have card that adumbrative bank blocks will make a trend.

Center of traffic bank credit card announced to roll out mobile phone credit card formally in Shanghai a few days ago, synchronous issued white paper of credit card of first mobile phone inside course of study.

Nowadays, do not carry wallet, do not take ready money, take a mobile phone only, had become numerous person the vogue of city life. tripartite of our country paid the development pole that waits for Internet finance to facilitate greatly the life, no matter be to pay, still consume the respect such as finance, internet finance allows traditional banking to the acme pursuit of the experience times feeling pressure.

What weigh model this is credit card industry. The personage inside course of study expresses, the hypostatic site that the line leaves traditional banking is facing atrophic pressure, the electronic substitution rate of the bank also is in advance rapidly, the development of mobile phone credit card will eliminate hypostatic card stage by stage again probably, the bank card industry takes the period that do not have card.

Although consume money market like a raging fire, the quantity of credit card hairpin of entire industry also maintains rapid growth, but the awkward situation that this cannot cover Internet banking competition to bring. The 360 findings that announce by last year indicate thaw of financial search platform, people is in when paying, 53% meetings choose to pay treasure or small letter pays, choose to brush card only 22% , and turn the proportion that the choice when Zhang pays treasure or small letter more be as high as 72% .

Mobile phone credit card basically was to agree with consumer light change, the requirement that shift changes. Before, conduction bank credit card, examine and approve often should experience an endless cycle, and the user takes credit card had been several weeks of the following things, this cannot have satisfied current life rhythm and requirement. And now, mobile phone credit card can come true completely to leave be used namely namely from the technology, the data that delivers center of travel credit card to offer shows, its open calorie of service that use card, 30 seconds inline processing is led 81% , rate of 3 minutes of processing is amounted to 99% .

This also is finance and Internet the thinking difference of two kinds of industries. Financial industry cultured is s上海贵族宝贝

afe, those who see is a risk; Internet cultured is convenient, those who see is an experience. The result that difference of this kind of thinking brings is apparent also, traditional banking orgnaization is more dovish, but the experience remains to rise; Internet finance problem is too much, but the experience accords with demand.

Traditional bank should resemble pyramid not only same, become big basis ceaselessly, try hard to industry top set out, should learn Internet thinking more, be opposite in order to come true through innovating the comprehensive breakthrough of traditional pattern. Wang Weidong of general manager of center of上海夜网论坛

credit card of traffic bank Pacific Ocean expresses.

Actually, as the open of Internet finance times, applic上海千花网论坛

ation of Internet finance science and technology also becomes tradition爱上海龙凤419桑拿

al bank to achieve the important step of pattern of competition of strategic transition, change, each line of the bank is accelerating Internet to change.

Mobile phone credit card will be seek of traditional credit card changes probably the significant breakthrough dot of the bureau, its backside, it is the bank arrives from product, service, sale of management all-around 爱上海同城

the change of management mode, also be a when center of traditional credit card changes to become Internet platform personally important sign.

Opposite at Internet financ上海贵族宝贝交流区

e platform, traditional banking still has wind to accuse, capital, dovish the advantage of 3 respects, but the trend that comprehensive Internet is changed is future. Wang Weidong says.

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