Cable of Xi’an subway problem: The person that sell disobeys product quality standard to be suspected of crime

Xi’an subway 3 strings problem ferments continuously, basic now fact is already clear: The report that by Shaanxi Ao Kai report takes a company to manufacture pulls example classics to detect all unqualified.

So, around the person that sell have what responsibility square, should get why duty? The reporter interviewed many expert at this point. They think, its behavior offends company of Fang Aokai of carry out of un上海龙凤论坛

ripe produce and sale and responsibility person product quality standard, be suspected of making crime. In the meantime, should father check orgnaization of successful bid process, attestation to have without illegal participator.

Obtain multinomial certificate product to be informed against by in-house person

The reporter understands now, ao Kai report pulls experience thing Shaanxi the company is current already shutdown, the worker went, gate lock.

Consult net of this company official, the place with its marked home page is rolling character: Ao Kai cable delivers light. Sincere letter is sent get the better of, price is sent get the better of, science and technology is sent get the better of, character is sent get the better of, quick send get the better of. This 5 get the better of serve as registered trade mark namely, obtain Shaanxi to save famous label.

Show multinomial letter at the same time on its official net: Win Chinese state 5 times mandatory product certification certificate; Obtain letter of attestation of quality management system, the quality management system that shows this company is built accords with ISO9001:2008 standards; Obtain letter of attestation of environmental management system; Professional health safety runs systematic attestation letter. These certificate all issue by center of Chinese certificate of quality.

Such aureola writes the company of the body, in current and nu上海龙凤论坛

merous production company, it is new show.

In company brief introduction, this company held water in November 2012, basically pursue the production of cable of of all kinds industry and civil cable, special type major and sale.

Such Xiaogong manages, win the bid unexpectedly obtain Xi’an subway the company of much home subway such as subway of 3 lines, Chengdu, Hefei subway order.

But one informed against a letter to expose to the sun its problem come out. The person that inform against is company in-house staff unexpectedly. Inform against a letter to be on the network from mouth to mouth. The article says its product is jerry, each index does not accord with subway construction standard.

Authoritative mechanism is newest appraisal product is unqualified

On March 20, xi’an municipal government holds a press conference. National wire cable is supervised examine center (Wuhan) vice director Jin Qun, announced sample the subway that sends check 3 wires cable detects result, the result makes clear sample of 5 sampling observation all unqualified.

Lv Jian of Xi’an city standing deputy mayor is affirmatory on the news briefing, will be to unqualified cable below the premise that makes sure subway safety moves give entirely change. In the meantime, already controlled 8 of the 上海同城对对碰交友社区

company relevant personnel lawfully.

Fair judicatory of Ao Kai cable represents Wei of person king annals surely, in discovery somebody informs against his to produce character to measure problem hind, ever called the police to public security branch, say to inform against not agree with with the fact, damaged company business praise. But, video is interviewed in a paragraph of March 21 in, wang Zhiwei kneels down admit, ao Kai company is shoddy, supply unqualified cable. Offer according to him narrate, the model of this batch of cable that provides Xi’an subway has 20 about a variety of, total cost many yuan 4000, among them rejected product has 30 million yuan about.

In fact, problem of quality of Ao Kai company is not only then now. Xi’an city pledges inspect bureau released a bulletin to say recently, came on October 12, 2015 on November 17, execute the law personnel basis masses is faceless inform against, go to the subway 4 times early or late 3 lines building site executes the law examination, in all the cable that company of sampling observation Ao Kai produces 6 batch, check eventuate product off quality 3 times among them, examine to forge report, execute the law personnel violated behavior to undertake administration is punished to its lawfully.

Ao Kai company disobeys product quality standard to be suspected of crime

Law doctor Zhang Yuanzhong’s lawyer is being accepted now ” legal daily ” when the reporter is interviewed, say, ao Kai company is shoddy, pretend to be the behavior that qualification tastes with reject, violate product quality law above all.

The product pledges the thirtieth that measure a way sets 9 times, the person that sell sells a product, must not impure, adulterate, must not with pretend to be true, shoddy, must not pretend to be eligible product with rejected product.

The behavior of company of Ao Kai cable belongs to a model pretend to be eligible product with rejected product. Standard of basis product quality is fiftieth a regulation, director branch ought to be instructed halt production, sale, confiscate the product of illegal production, sale, be in goods of product of illegal production, sale to be worth amount 50% above 3 times the following amerce; Have illegal income, be in confiscate illegal earning; The clue is serious, revoke business charter; Those who make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully.

Liu Deliang of professor of courtyard of law of Normal University of director of research center of Asia-Pacific network law, Beijing is being accepted now ” legal daily ” say when the reporter, ao Kai company offers unqualified cable to subway company, the public traffic that is based on the subway is characteristic, its property is abominable, sequential and serious.

With already last year the Xi’an subway of operation will is 3 numbers in November exemple, carry a passenger everyday 340 thousand much person-time.

Liu Deliang says, according to criminal law the 140th production, regulation that sells blame of false and inferior product, the generator, person that sell is impure in the product, adulterate, with pretend to be true, shoddy perhaps pretend to be eligible product with rejected product, sell amount 50 thousand yuan of above are malcontent 200 thousand yuan, be in 2 years of the following set term of imprisonments or arrest battle, be in only perhaps place to sell amount 50% above is duple and the following fine; Sell amount 200 thousand yuan of above are malcontent 500 thousand yuan, be in 2 years of above 7 years the following set term of imprisonment, handle sale amount 50% above is duple and the following fine; Sell amount 500 thousand yuan of above are malcontent 2 million yuan, be in set term of imprisonment of 7 years of above, handle sale amount 50% above is duple and the following fine; Sell amount of 2 million yuan of above, be in 15 years of set term of imprisonments or life imprisonment, handle sale amount duple and the following fine perhaps confiscates 50% above belongings.

If make crime, according to Ao Kai the company sells amount only a subway amounts to Xi’an 30 million yuan, be opposite the most severe in sentencing a likelihood to obtain afore-mentioned provisions of its legal representative.

Of course, also have a learned man to making crime a hold differs opinion. Say to want to pretend to be eligible product to undertake concrete analysis to reject, it is 35 shoes pretend to be 36 shoes, still pretend to be 35 imperfect shoes 35 shoes that there is a flaw? Need makes clear Hunan.

Why does Ao Kai win the bid Yi Yingyan checks all link

Ao Kai company can enter project of subway of Xi’an and other p爱上海同城对对碰

laces, the course bids contest mark obtains order. So, cable company only field of A stock market has more than 40, do not have the more that appear on the market, ao Kai company serves as a young company, why to win the bid, have gray to trade among them, is influence searched hire?

According to publishing a material, xi’an city subway does raise of general manager the Song Dynasty of company of subway of city of director, Xi’an to say, in March 2013, xi’an subway company saves invite public bidding through making public invite public bidding to decide Shaanxi finite liability company is the subway installation of first phase project decorates 3 lines company of representative of project invite public bidding. In August 2014, subway company entrusts Shaanxi to save invite public bidding finite liability company, to Xi’an subway installation of equipment of station of first phase project reachs 3 lines decorate engineering construction project to undertake invite public bidding.

After all Ao Kai company held water in November 2012, and Xi’an subway date of 3 lines go into operation was August 2012, whether be the subway only 3 lines and set? Therein former by what be?

Undertook controlling to the 8 people of the company only now, whole trick bids the process also should undertake checking. Zhang Yuanzhong says, inform against a letter to be checked early solid, concerned branch also is punished why now ability exposure, who is covering cap?

Besides, still have aid its to win the bid successfully without the person that break the law?

Professor of brave of king of c阿爱上海同城

ourtyard of law of civilian business economy is accepting university of Chinese politics and law ” legal daily ” when the reporter is interviewed, say, according to product quality standard, bat should not hit in manufacturing distributors only.

He says, ao Kai company has the person that generator is sold duty, whether does relevant attestation orgnaization also have duty? Standard of basis product quality is fiftieth 7 regulation, produce character to measure orgnaization of inspection agency, attestation, issue forge those who examine to perhaps issue false proof as a result, those who issue examine to perhaps prove as a result disloyal, cause losing, answer its place to be corrected in order to instruct, to unit and relevant responsibility person, all should be in in order to fine; Have illegal income, be in confiscate illegal earning; The clue is serious, cancel its to examine qualification, attestation qualification; Make crime, investigate criminal duty 上海龙凤论坛sh1f


Ao Kai company is so much attestation certificate, need to be checked seriously, whether to existence does not accord with a requirement and issue the issue of eligible qualification.

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