Article of Ao Sha benefit runs 34 minutes 10 kilometers because ran and ex-wife relation are exasperate

Login register article of benefit of Ao Sha of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian 34 minutes to run 10 kilometers because ran and: of origin of ex-wife relation aggravation? Be not Nao?2017-05-08 17:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

Well-known, si Nuo overcomes article of benefit of famous general Ao Sha is lover of a senior ran.

Well-known, si Nuo overcomes a famous general ” rocket ” article of Ao Sha benefit is lover of a senior ran, 2013 his individual autobiography ” the person that r上海龙凤论坛

un ” in, he announced ran to give bi上海千花网龙凤论坛

rth to medium meaning in other first, include to let him be far from excessive drinking, drugs and psychological disease to wait; In the meantime, because,also be ran, the concern between he and ex-wife is intense, final two people go gradually gradually far, become stranger, stayed one one female, make the concern is only tie between two people. In the meantime, article of Ao Sha benefit also emphasizes again and again, if do not have ra上海贵族宝贝论坛

n, probably oneself are early retired.

Begin from 12 years old, benefit article is in Ao Sha of father supervise and urge below, began ran to新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

take exercise. At that time everyday article of Ao Sha benefit runs 3 miles, and his father is opening a car to follow in his back, all the time for company, actually more is to supervise. Such circumstance insists to arrive 16 years old to him all the time, begin to turn for professional player. But all everything is in however later throw into confusion because of the sad news of the death of an arise suddenly, the father of article of Ao Sha benefit is arrested because of killing blame put in prison, he began abandonment life.

Because father accusation holds water, article of Ao Sha benefit broke down, he chooses to use drink and drug replaced ran. Begin at that time, the weight of article of Ao Sha benefit also begins out of control, 20 years old when had achieved 98.5 kilograms, if using him himself, say even if already help sb to attain his aim ” fat pig ” , go out outer still be discriminated against. Be stimulated by the uttera上海千花网交友

nce of alien probably, article of Ao Sha benefit is determined to change his, return to ran again, time of two years, he decreased 19 kilograms. When he looks in the mirror, cannot refrain from unexpectedly give out deep feeling, “I did not know this guy ” .

Later, article of Ao Sha benefit met an adviser again, 50 years old senior Allan of the person that run, vet. Below 上海千花网交友

his guiding and infection, article of Ao Sha benefit returns to ran afresh, joined home town ran club of Aisaikesi, slowly change, new Buddhist monastic discipline dropped winebowl and drug addiction, began regular run. The word that uses him language of Ao Sha benefit says, he is the person of a customarily addiction, run is euqally such, send irremediable. After training, individual of article of Ao Sha benefit best achievement achieved 10 kilometers 34 minutes even, before ascend body England 1500, that yes he has a desire, it is to hope to be able to attend the Olympic Games on behalf of the country, but he is clear, this is a desire only after all just.

About the between feeling with ex-wife tall, article of Ao Sha benefit says frankly, because of ran, a lot of misunderstanding appeared between two people. Tall thinks his ran too too selfish, leave her to take care of two children bring up, together with all the year round outer play a ball game, the relation between two people is weaker and weaker, final part, become two stranger. But article of Ao Sha benefit does not regret oneself choice, because ran made him new look for his, found the power that hold on.

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