” brave person fight evil dragon X ” the meeting that taste ancient bronze mirror tries play an experience to show on of series summit summit make

In the halcyon and auspicious little village that story happening calls Yi Dian the village in, my name cries. . . Liu Laosi, I still have a little brother, he cries. . . Liu Laowu. Good, the name is not important.

This is my pallet cubby, nevertheless the hero ignores source, v/arc true man can be bent can extend, this it is humble room alone my heart strong and pervasive fragrance, ha, go out thing seeking a site makes gift is correct path.

Apparent, brave person fighting evil dragon did not find route system automatically, but can open runs automatically mode, also be liberated one part finger. Hum, want to go to mayor mother-in-law home now, hear mayor mother-in-law is occupied should look for me. I did not get into trouble, true. . .

Good, mayor adult is not very affable seemingly. Because demon content inbreaks recently, so she very angst, nevertheless I am in, demon content of what of be nothing difficult, ha.

Go buying bit of equipment first, promote fighting capacity. The place that has yellow color small arrowhead can have operating, the door ah bed ah of what, it is OK to should have small arrowhead only pass in and out or use.

Here is the renascent dot of Yi pasture village, after praying, can activation. After dying every time, can revive this position, still have detoxify reconciles the function that divides a curse.

Fully armed, hold out aegis admire sword, everything prepares ready, it is moment sets out go taking a risk. The important task that saves the world gives my Liu Laosi, breathe out ha.

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