The god makes withstand years test and verify! ” antediluvian reel 4 ” had had 10 years old

10 years ago, ” antediluvian reel 4 ” horizontal sky is born, the Sailuodier with elegant depict advocate city, the open world of length and breadth of land, the game picture of reach the limit, was convinced deeply the player of that time. This game is in before be being rolled out formally, with ” antediluvian reel ” the reputation with good always set is mixed the game picture of beautiful Huan of United States annulus is qualitative and wide suffer expect. Nevertheless when play truly ” antediluvian reel 4 ” later, the player discovers it is a rest on one’s laurels perhaps golds and jade not just absolutely the game outside its

The dike that black smoke waves in the wind, be like crazy picturesque field, on the game picture of that time, ” antediluvian reel 4 ” it may be said is impeccable. In addition, ” antediluvian reel 4 ” acceded ” morning breeze ” all and outstanding element, in the meantime, in a lot of ” morning breeze ” the place that behaves inadequacy undertook almost perfect improvement, let it be able to head of 100 feet pole goes further, become the strongest competitor of game of optimal 2006 RPG.

” antediluvian reel 4 ” be a times is indicative, it is graven classic work, it is another milepost in RPG game, the MOD of all sorts of all kinds of strange things, let often boil forever red-blooded, won’t feel forever can not enjoy a sex. This is an almost perfect game, had the element like numerous dream, it needs you to throw many time to go to the exploration, world that feels the rich and colorful in affecting game even, and when be being exited from inside game every time when you, can feel, these time that invest for it are worthiness completely.

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