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Between fresh water fish, grass carp is a kind of everybody often the fish of edible, but some people do fishy smell bigger, so how does grass carp go fishy smell? We know to add the method that cooking wine is purify fishy smell, but sometimes also not can complete purify, need joins the condiment of a few other, join vinegar to be able to get rid of more for instance fishy smell. The means that becomes a fish has a lot of, can scamper, OK stew, everybody chooses himFall in love with the sea

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Favorite way.

How does grass carp go fishy smell

How does grass carp go fishy smell

Control the fishFall in love with the sea

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Pick up abluent hind, use first panbroil, the teem after decoct passes the oil of more than, the fish that crosses simmer in water again is put into boiler. When boiler burns heat, ordering alcoholic drink slightly a bit had better be yellowShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Wine and vinegar, the boiler on the lid is built, about a few seconds, open boiler to build again, fishy smell namely by eliminate.

In addition, wait for other condiment plus soy cook, can make all sorts of delicate fish product. Why to add into wine and vinegar to you can go raw meat or fish? Because the alcohol of certain amount is contained in wine, alcohol is very good organic dissolvent.

3 methylic amine can be dissolved by alcohol, as heat and volatilize together with alcohol. Additional, the acetic acid in the alcohol in wine and vinegar still can generate the fat that has balmy taste, those who increased fish provision is delicious.

How does grass carp go fishy smell

How purify is careless piscine fishy smell

1, piscine analyse after abdomen is abluent, put in cold1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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In water, enter in past water again a few vinegar and pepper, the fish after such processing, did not have earthy fishy smell.

2, can use half salt and 5 jins of water, it is live fish bubble when brine, brine carries blood of two branchial immerge, after a hour, earthy fishy smell can disappear.

3, butcher1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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When the fish, can rinse piscine blood clean as far as possible, the rejoin when cook the condiment such as green, ginger, garlic, earthy fishy smell is basically OK purify.

4, go if piscine raw meat or fish loves to eat a fish to be afraid of piscine raw meat or fish again, can put the fish into lukewarm teaLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The bubble in water is washed. General the fish of 1000 grams of a 500 ~ , with strong tea a cup of add becomes weak boiled water, 5 ~ immerse 10 minutes in putting the fish in weak boiled water, fishy smell can disappear.

How does grass carp go fishy smell

The practice of sweet-and-sour grass carp

1, head of fish of grass carp take out, scale and splanchnic, clean clean, edge spine from which piece leave, play the cruelly oppress clean with a pointed instrument of two side, again inclined razor blade is become thin piece. Transfer into cooking wine souse 20 minutes. Egg knock enters a bowl in, join dry starch, agitate is hit into egg paste.

2, oil is entered in boiler, baked wheaten cake comes in 7 when becoming heat, slices of fish meat even ground is wrapped on the egg is burnt, fizzle out to gold into deepfry lubricious fish out, drop goes oily cent. Place dish in.

3, a few oil takes inside boiler, put ginger silk stir-fry before stewing to be fried a few times, ordinal join vinegar, soft white sugar, ketchup, salt and 40ml rinse, churn a few times, transfer into again wet starch, with scoop edge a direction churns, tone becomes sweet-and-sour juice.

4, on the slices of fish meat with drench the sweet-and-sour juice of mix up quickly good in scamper can.

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